Downeast™ Named Utah’s Newest Certified B Corporation®

SALT LAKE CITY—Downeast™ announced that they have completed certification through B Lab, officially becoming Utah’s newest Certified B Corporation®. B Corp™ certification means a company has undergone a rigorous third-party evaluation by the non-profit B Lab and met their high standards for social and environmental performance. Downeast™ is one of seven companies in Utah to pass this certification, including Malouf™, the parent company of Downeast™. 

Kacie Malouf, owner of Downeast™ and co-founder of Malouf™, said, “We’ve seen all the positive benefits being a B Corp™ can have on a company, and it made sense to pursue certification with Downeast™. Our perspective from Malouf™ helped us enhance Downeast™ employee benefits, and we’ve actually learned from Downeast about a more sustainable supply chain.” She continued, “We’re going to use this certification as a starting point to make even more positive changes for our employees and in our products.”

Downeast’s move to improve benefits and policies for their employees and communities include: increasing entry-level base wage, paying 80 percent of health care insurance premiums, introducing an employee wellness program, rolling out charity time off for community volunteer opportunities, paying caregiver leave following birth or adoption, and strengthening policy supporting mothers in the workplace. 

By July of 2021, Downeast™ plans to significantly pivot from fast fashion toward sustainable apparel. Fast fashion capitalizes on speed, with mass manufacturing and cost-conscious fabrics so consumers can adopt new trends quickly and cheaply. While a portion of the brand will still help its shoppers stay on trend on a budget, Downeast’s new team of in-house designers will adopt more sustainable fabrics and longer-wear items, with an 80-percent increase in clothing and accessories with a purpose.

To build on this move towards more sustainable clothing, the company will also increase corporate sustainability measures. Downeast™ implemented an employee incentive to live closer to the workplace to cut carbon emissions, and is working toward better resource management, decreased utility usage, and minimizing waste across distribution channels.

As a B Corp™, Downeast™ will be joining other recognizable brands like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, and Utah company Cotopaxi. Rich Israelsen, CEO of Downeast, said, “This is such an exciting move for Downeast™. We’ve always connected with our customers through a sense of purpose and service, and this certification strengthens that aspect of our company.”

Israelsen wanted to confirm that the Downeast™ customer will only find good in the company’s evolution. “Our core of affordable, stylish fashion and home furnishings won’t change, but the processes behind them will—all to support our people, the community, and the planet.”

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About Downeast™ 

Founded in 1991, Downeast™ is an omnichannel lifestyle brand that combines furniture and apparel into a total offering for both home and wardrobe. Led by Sam and Kacie Malouf, Downeast™ currently operates 40 retail locations in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada along with two popular ecommerce websites. For more information, visit or