Impact Suite Unveils Climb App Designed for Personal Development

LOGAN, Utah—Award-winning app provider Impact Suite has officially launched Climb, a new digital wellness app that helps anonymous users explore and improve on areas of personal growth, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and spirituality, and stress management. In recognition of National Mental Health Awareness Month, individuals can receive free, lifetime premium access to Climb starting Tuesday, May 4 through Monday, May 31. To get started, download the Climb app on Google Play or the App store and use access code “climb4life” when creating an account. Premium access excludes teletherapy and lifestyle coaching. 

“Through Climb, we’re helping people look at small incremental lifestyle changes that will result in mental health improvements,” said Impact Suite CEO Clay Olsen. “We’re far more in control of our mental health than we might think. The challenges we face today can be related to everyday choices and the situations we find ourselves in. For example, what we eat, how many hours we sleep, and the way we handle stress can all affect our mental health. Climb is our solution to building personal development for a stronger feeling of fulfillment.”

With free premium access to Climb, users can unlock the following features and more:  

  • Daily tracking: Discover informative patterns analyzing self-improvement data across weeks and months.
  • Inventories: Monitor adjustments in key lifestyle areas along with long-term outcomes in overall well-being.
  • Real-life allies: Invite people to follow progress for extra motivation and encouragement. 
  • Personalized insights: Receive real-time statistics showing measurable improvements, areas needing attention, and factors correlated with progress.
  • Digital courses: Learn strategies and practical skills while getting updates on the latest science of mental and physical wellness. 
  • Mindful practices: Access guided meditations for effective ways to work through daily stressors and respond calmly in hard moments. 
  • For $14.99 a month, users can access one-on-one lifestyle coaching with recovery experts experienced in a variety of wellness strategies. They can also receive teletherapy from a licensed therapist for $99.99 per session. 

David Schramm, PhD, professor and author, said, "As a university professor, I’m constantly looking for research-based resources to help students, parents, and community members improve their health and happiness. Climb nails it! And I’m eager to see countless individuals, couples, and families benefit. I’ve downloaded it and will continue to share it with the masses.”

Climb is the latest addition to Impact Suite’s collection of digital wellness apps (Lift for depression, Turn for substance abuse, and Fortify for sexual compulsivity) meant to help individuals find deeper healing and recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. Visit to learn more. 

About Impact Suite

Impact Suite provides virtual, evidence-based solutions for those facing depression and anxiety, chemical dependency, sexual compulsivity, or simply wanting to improve their life generally. A Certified B Corporation®, Impact Suite has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals find deeper healing and recovery in over 150 countries. For more information, visit