Malouf™ Announces Expansion and Name Change to Malouf Companies™

Malouf™ announced the launch of an updated corporate identity to convey the breadth of the company’s lifestyle and wellness interests with a new name, Malouf Companies™. The foundational years of the business revolved around fine linens and bedding products, but the company structure has evolved into six key categories (consumer products, services, technology, retail, logistics and venture) through a suite of nationally recognized brands and partnerships.

Malouf Companies™ spans 18 years, six states and multiple industries, operating in three corporate offices and seven distribution centers. The company was founded in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs, Sam and Kacie Malouf, who found success selling premium sheets and bedding products to specialty retail stores. The couple was also one of the first to sell boxed mattresses that can be delivered directly to residential homes, which cemented their rapid rise in the industry.

The Maloufs hired their first employee after working as a team of two for seven years. Over the next 10 years, hiring doubled, tripled, and then exploded, with a current headcount of more than 1,200 employees. Acquisitions of Utah-based businesses—Impact Suite™, Downeast™, Tamarak Capital™ and Citrus Pear™—both diversified their scope and strengthened the organization’s roots.

“We couldn’t have predicted where we are now. At the beginning, we dabbled in a lot of different products, but bedding and lifestyle took off,” said CEO Sam Malouf. “With so much hard work, creative risks and incredible people, we’re exploring the next iteration of business. I’m excited for the next 18 years.”

Today, Malouf™ has a strong reach, with international headquarters in Cache Valley and products available in 58 countries. Distribution centers in California, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina support daily sales of over 30,000 lifestyle and wellness products both online and in retail locations across the country.

As the largest Certified B Corporation® in Utah, Malouf™ meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, according to third-party assessor B Labs. The main initiative of the organization is the Malouf Foundation™, which exists to confront child sexual exploitation, specifically sex trafficking and online abuse. They fulfill their mission by providing education, promoting healing, and ensuring justice for survivors. The registered 501(c)3 is supported by the network of Malouf Companies™ and operates with 100-percent flowthrough of all donations.

Recent impactful projects of the Malouf Foundation™ include a remodel of the Cache County Children’s Justice Center and plans to build the first long-term, residential, therapeutic facility in Utah for young female survivors of trafficking (ages 11 to 18), which Utah Governor Spencer Cox called a “game changer” at a June 8 press conference.

Malouf Foundation™ Chair Kacie Malouf said, “Our business and our foundation are so intertwined. The business fuels the Foundation, and the Foundation gives us purpose. Knowing we’re working for something bigger than a bottom line adds a lot of value to our work.” She continued, “We couldn’t have one without the other.”