The 7 best twin mattresses on Amazon for every type of sleeper

Like shopping for underwear and cars, finding the best mattress is a personal thing. What some might consider firm, plush, or pain-relieving might not be for you. That’s why it pays to test them in person before you commit to buying. But what if you plan on shopping online? Thankfully, Amazon makes the process painless with free shipping and free returns on most of its products, including many mattresses.

If you’re shopping for a twin mattress—for, say, a guest room or kids’ bedroom—you know it’s every bit as challenging as finding a good queen or king-sized mattress for yourself. You have to consider the construction type (memory foam, traditional innerspring, or hybrid), mattress thickness, topper quality, and, of course, price. We’ve done the hard work for you by testing, researching, and reviewing the best twin mattresses on Amazon so you don’t have to. Here are seven of our top picks. 

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