Who We Are


Corporate Evolution

Though the scope of business is broad, threads of each business can be tied to our primary drivers: enhancing your wellness and your lifestyle.


Crafting Unique Brands

We’ve built out our company for efficiency, expertise, and vertical integration, so each brand we offer fits a unique style and need. A combination of specialized services allows us to control a product’s journey from conception to branding to shelves.


Expert Precision

We’re generalists and experts. We’re quick. Whether we’re exploring, pivoting, or jumping into a new opportunity, we’re always on the move.

“When Kacie and I founded Malouf™ in 2003, we had no idea what our small business could become. We’ve invested in our employees, our community, and in Utah as the business has boomed, and we don’t imagine any strategy where that changes.”

Sam Malouf



Strengthened by People

Our company puts people first. We employ hundreds of people across the country. Our corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah is the heart of the business, fueling the active and essential nationwide network.


People-First Approach

We know our employees are our best resource — so that’s how we treat them. . Our focus on wellness extends beyond our brands, and we ensure our benefits help employees feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled.



Sam Malouf

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Malouf Companies™

President Malouf Foundation™


Kacie Malouf

Co-Founder Malouf Companies™

Chair Malouf Foundation™

Fueled by Values

Own It

Daily actions determine our future. Take pride, ownership, and responsibility for actions and the results that follow.

Act with Integrity

Be transparent, honest, and ethical in all interactions with employees, customers, and partners.

Work to Win

Growth and success come from a combination of hard work and smart work. Apply talent, strategic thinking, and hustle to deliver results that keep us competitive.

Be Kind

Thoughtful actions promote a positive, energizing, and optimistic environment. Be helpful, practice compassion, and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Better Every Day

Commit to giving your best every day to achieve our goals. Do not settle for business as usual. Seek out opportunities to improve skills, master tasks, and gain new knowledge.

Do More with Less

Excel at using available resources to optimize performance. A frugal mindset enables us to be resourceful, self-sufficient, and innovative.

Make it Fun

It’s always a good thing when people like coming to work every day. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we reward hard work with fun and a little bit of adventure.

Think Big Picture

A winning team always works from the same game plan. Recognize the value of your work and how it connects and contributes to the entire organization.