We’ve always been at the forefront of tech, which sets us apart in the home furnishing industry. Our warehousing, logistics systems, and corporate software are all custom-built to meet our needs, a service we’re now offering to our partners. In 2019, we saw a unique opportunity to diversify the business and promote employee wellness through the acquisition of Utah-based Impact Suite™.
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Health & Wellness

Founded: 2017

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Thousands of studies show that key risk factors known as social determinants of health matter when it comes to both physical and emotional wellness. However, these findings have not yet translated into most mental health interventions. Impact Suite™ provides science-based virtual treatment solutions for people facing mental health and addiction issues, focusing on key improvements that have been proven to influence wellbeing. Through specialized lifestyle coaching, teletherapy, and award-winning wellness apps—Climb for personal growth, Lift for depression and anxiety, Turn for substance addiction, and Fortify for sexual compulsivity—users receive real-time outcome data to track progress and success. A Certified B Corporation®, Impact Suite™ has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals find deeper healing and recovery in over 150 countries.
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Software Engineering

Founded: 2019

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Malouf Electronics™ creates custom open-source development boards for the general maker community. They currently manufacture and sell a custom ESP8266 development board on Amazon that can be programmed to perform various tasks. The board includes a CH340C USB serial chip, so most modern operating systems will detect and work with this board without the need to install any drivers. Malouf Electronics’ goal was to create a maker-friendly design that’s experimental, flexible, and educational.