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Our Companies

Each pillar of our business strengthens the others. Services fuel technology, technology supports logistics, logistics moves product, product bolsters retail—and venture uses it all.



Our lifestyle and wellness products emphasize quality home furnishings and accessories, sophisticated sleep technology, and innovative bedding. We sell a product every 2.6 seconds and ship more than 33,000 products a day. That’s millions and millions of products per year.



Through years of vertical integration, we’ve developed specialized skills and services. We’ve designed corporate offices, concepted and filmed national ad campaigns, and created custom packaging and sales plans—all for our partners.



We own multiple locations in the Intermountain West that focus on home furnishings and apparel. More than 40 store locations are supported by robust online operations for an omni-channel retail presence.



Our warehousing, logistics systems, and corporate software are all custom-built to meet our needs, a service we’re now offering to our partners. In 2019, we saw a unique opportunity to diversify the business and promote employee wellness through the acquisition of Utah-based Impact Suite™.



Accuracy in warehousing, efficiency in shipping, and precision in distribution allow us to be both top-in-class partners and customer favorites—with over six million square feet of distribution center space and miles of sophisticated conveyor systems to keep it all moving.



Tamarak™ Capital explores Utah’s most innovative and promising investment opportunities. Tamarak™ has targeted and funded exceptional businesses in a diversified collection of industries, from tech to real estate to language-learning apps to donuts.