While most Malouf Companies™ are dedicated to mastering home furnishings in all outlets, one important group keeps their eyes trained on the future. Tamarak™ Capital funds and develops Utah’s most innovative and promising investment opportunities. Their teams provide a suite of value-add services from marketing to accounting to strategy, all designed to help founders focus on their strengths. Tamarak™ has targeted and funded exceptional businesses in a diversified collection of industries, from tech to real estate to language-learning software to donuts.
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Venture Capital

Founded: 2016

Charity Partner:
Malouf Foundation™

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Tamarak™ is a venture-focused family office whose partners previously worked together to grow Profire Energy™, a NASDAQ-listed oilfield technology company. Now, Tamarak™ combines its partners' experience in scaling high-growth ventures with additional personnel resources (e.g., marketing, accounting, operations, etc.) to help each investment succeed. They invest in talented, curious, and teachable founders who run scalable ventures and inspire those around them.