Malouf Foundation™ Launches Raise Digital Safety App for Parents

LOGAN, Utah—The Malouf Foundation™ has released a digital safety app called Raise, which was created in collaboration with award-winning tech provider Impact Suite™. Raise is a free parenting resource that helps users navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape. The app addresses topics related to mental health, screen-time management and more. Raise is available on the App Store or Google Play.

“As parents ourselves and advocates in the anti-sexual exploitation space, my husband, Sam, and I are passionate about educating others, specifically parents, on the potential dangers of technology and the internet. Raise helps build that self-awareness, plus so much more,” said Kacie Malouf, co-founder and board chair of the Malouf Foundation™. “Impact Suite was the perfect partner to create Raise, and we’re really excited to share the final product. We want to get this resource into the hands of as many families as possible.”

Raise easily guides parents through a series of lessons, which have been developed by experts, with activities based on main areas of concern: parent-child relationships, screen-time balance, inappropriate content, cyberbullying and online predators. Through Raise, users can also complete weekly check-ins and connect with other parents for support. Once parents complete these lessons, they are better prepared to navigate raising children in the digital world.

“When we joined forces with Malouf™, we immediately started thinking of ways to engage with parents on this topic. That’s when we came up with the idea for Raise,” said Clay Olsen, founder and CEO of Impact Suite™. “Resources like these are critical in this digital age where things are constantly evolving. Through Raise, we hope to start a movement where parents not only feel educated, but confident in how they approach technology and online safety with their kids.”

The Malouf Foundation™ and Impact Suite™ officially launched Raise at a digital safety conference on Oct. 18 in Salt Lake City. Speakers included Ralphie Jacobs on “Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships,” Andrea Davis on “Managing Screen-Time Balance,” Smith Alley on “Navigating Inappropriate Content,” Dr. Sameer Hinduja on “Confronting Cyberbullying,” and Detective Jason Weis on “Protecting Against Online Predators.”

For more information on Raise, or to download the free app, visit joinraise.com.

About the Malouf Foundation™

Formalized in 2016 and operating out of Logan, Utah, the Malouf Foundation™ is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to confronting child sexual exploitation, specifically sex trafficking and online abuse. The Foundation fulfills their mission by providing education through OnWatch™ and Smart Defense™; promoting healing through the Juniper Scholarship™, Rooms Restored™, and restorative care centers; and advocating for survivors through Heroes Landing™ and the "We Believe You" campaign. In January 2022, the Elizabeth Smart Foundation officially became a part of the Malouf Foundation™ to broaden the impact of both organizations. Supported by the network of Malouf Companies™, the Malouf Foundation™ gives 100 percent of its resources on behalf of the people it serves. For more information or to make a donation, visit malouffoundation.org.

About Impact Suite™

Thousands of studies show that key risk factors known as social determinants of health matter when it comes to both physical and emotional wellness. However, these findings have not yet translated into most mental health interventions. Impact Suite™ provides science-based virtual treatment solutions for people facing mental health and addiction issues, focusing on key improvements that have been proven to influence well-being. Through specialized lifestyle coaching, teletherapy, and award-winning wellness apps—Raise for digital age parenting, Climb for personal growth, Lift for depression and anxiety, Turn for substance addiction, and Fortify for sexual compulsivity—users receive real-time outcome data to track progress and success. Certified B Corporation®, Impact Suite™ has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals find deeper healing and recovery in over 150 countries. They officially became part of Malouf™ in 2019.

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