The best twin mattresses for kids, from toddlers to teens

When you want to upgrade your child from a crib or their toddler bed to a more “regular” bed, a twin mattress is usually the next step. A twin offers a just-right feel for kids outgrowing those toddler beds but not ready for an adult mattress. Your child will have enough room to stretch out, but not so much that they’ll feel dwarfed by its size. The best twin mattresses for kids also stand up to all these rambunctious family members can dish out, including jumping, rolling around and the occasional accident or spill.

A twin mattress is defined as measuring 75 x 39 inches. Beyond that, there’s a lot of variability. In general, you’ll want to select a mattress with a medium-firm to firm feel, says Michael Bauer, M.D., medical director at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital and a pediatrician. This “can provide both a level of comfort as well as the appropriate support needed for their spine and neck,” he says. “Making sure the mattress is made of nontoxic materials and has passed all safety standards is a must.” Dr. Bauer continues: “If allergies are an issue, I suggest considering a mattress made from organic materials.”

He also often recommends memory foam mattresses for kids under the age of 10: “Kids can’t jump on them.” That can help extend the life of your mattress and lower the risk of injuries, he adds.

After speaking with Dr. Bauer and other pediatricians, as well as evaluating the most popular options and drawing on Forbes Vetted’s yearslong research into the best mattresses and bedding brands, we chose the best twin mattresses for kids to set your child up for a better night’s sleep.

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